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With more than 40yrs of high-speed camera experience, MACs is the most experienced name in high speed video cameras and camera systems in Australia. By supplying only the world’s best and most advanced technology, MACS continuously delivers the highest quality in motion capture and professional service available.

MACS is currently the exclusive Australia and New Zealand Distributor for NAC, P+S Technik and Fastec Imaging. Our partners continuous records of technical and digital innovation together with a comprehensive, integrated line-up of products have set industry standards for performance and reliability worldwide.

This success is due to its capability to provide optimal performance, solutions and support to our clientele, So for reliable, digital, high-quality, high speed camera systems, you've made the right and safe choice by visiting www.macsimage.com.au . Give us a call and we promise you’ll see the visible difference in your business.

Featured products

Memrecam HX-3

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TS3 Model 100-S

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HiSpec Lite

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Matte Box I (Professional Edition)

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