Volucam eliminates the delay to processing by allowing direct data transfer to the rendering farm’s storage while recording is in progress. Volucam’s internal high-capacity storage buffers raw video while the camera’s 10GigE fiber optic port simultaneously transfers buffered video to the rendering farm’s storage via a 10GigE switch. A PC cluster is no longer needed for temporary video storage, tremendously simplifying studio configuration. The reduction in hardware and cabling results in a studio that’s easier to configure, operate and support.
IO Industries said Volucam will initially be available with options for 1TB or 2TB of physical internal storage. A lossless compression engine in the camera can be optionally enabled to extend recording times.
IO Industries indicated Volucam will include models featuring a variety of Sony’s IMX global shutter CMOS image sensors with selectable frame rates. Some examples are 12MP/60fps, 4K/90fps and HD/300fps.
Other camera features include precise multi-camera synchronization, LTC input, live video output with 12G-SDI, an interchangeable lens mount for C-mount and Canon EF-mount lenses and optional camera control software to manage camera settings in large scale studio configurations.